Copy-Patch Command | Vmware PowerCLI Reference


This cmdlet initializes staging of patches. Staging allows you to download patches from the Update Manager server to the ESXi hosts, without applying the patches immediately. This functionality is supported only for VMHost, Cluster, and Datacenter objects.


-Entity < InventoryItem[] >
[-Baseline < PatchBaseline[] > ]
[-ExcludePatch < Patch[] > ]
[-RunAsync ]
[-Server < VIServer[] > ]


Required Parameter Name Type Position Features Description
Entity InventoryItem[] named
  • pipeline
Specifies VMHost, Cluster, and Datacenter objects for which you want to stage patches.
optional Baseline PatchBaseline[] named
  • pipeline
Specifies patch baselines you want to stage.
optional ExcludePatch Patch[] named
  • pipeline
Specifies the patches you want to exclude from staging.
optional RunAsync SwitchParameter named
Indicates that the command returns immediately without waiting for the task to complete. In this mode, the output of the cmdlet is a Task object. For more information about the -RunAsync parameter run "help About_RunAsync" in the vSphere PowerCLI console.
optional Server VIServer[] named
Specifies the vSphere servers on which you want to run the cmdlet. If no value is given to this parameter, the command runs on the default servers.



Example 1

Copy-Patch -Entity Host

Stages all patches included in baselines attached to the entity named Host.

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