Remove-CustomCertificates Command | Vmware PowerCLI Reference


Remove a set of custom host certificates from Autodeploy. The certificate entries will be deleted from the database and the certificate files will be removed from the filestore. Hosts that have already booted up with a custom certificate need to be rebooted to receive a new certificate generated using the current certificate mode. At least one of CertIds or HostIds must be given. You must have the "AutoDeploy.Rule.Delete" privilege on the root folder of vCenter Server to use this cmdlet.


[-CertIds < Int32[] > ]
[-HostIds < String[] > ]


Required Parameter Name Type Position Features Description
optional CertIds Int32[] named
The IDs of the certificate entries to remove. These can be retrieved with Get-CustomCertificates.
optional HostIds String[] named
The Host IDs for which custom certificates will be removed. A Host ID is either a MAC address or a UUID.



Example 1

C:\PS&#62 Remove-CustomCertificates -HostIds "00:A0:C9:14:C8:29","00:A0:C9:14:C8:30"

Remove the custom certificates associated with hosts with the given MAC addresses.

Example 2

C:\PS&#62 Remove-CustomCertificates -CertIds 1,2

Remove custom certificates with ID 1 and 2.

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