Set-ScsiController Command | Vmware PowerCLI Reference


This cmdlet modifies the specified SCSI controllers. Set-ScsiController cannot set both the Type and BusSharing parameters at the same time. First run the cmdlet to set the type and then run it again to configure the bus sharing mode.


-ScsiController < ScsiController[] >
[-BusSharingMode < ScsiBusSharingMode > ]
[-Type < ScsiControllerType > ]


Required Parameter Name Type Position Features Description
ScsiController ScsiController[] named
  • pipeline
Specifies the SCSI controller you want to modify.
optional BusSharingMode ScsiBusSharingMode named
Specifies the bus sharing mode of the SCSI controller. The valid values are NoSharing, Physical, and Virtual.
optional Type ScsiControllerType named
Specifies the type of the SCSI controller. The valid values are ParaVirtual, VirtualBusLogic, VirtualLsiLogic, and VirtualLsiLogicSAS.




Example 1

Get-ScsiController -VM VM | Set-ScsiController -BusSharingMode Physical

Configures the bus sharing mode of the SCSI controllers of a virtual machine to Physical mode.

Example 2

$scsiController = Get-HardDisk -VM VM | Select -First 1 | Get-ScsiController

Set-ScsiController -ScsiController $scsiController -Type VirtualLsiLogic

Changes the type of the SCSI controller of the first hard disk of the VM virtual machine to VirtualLsiLogic.

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