Get-DeployRuleSet Command | Vmware PowerCLI Reference


Gets the current working rule set or the current active rule set. The active rule set governs how new hosts are to be deployed. The working set can be used to test out changes before making them active. By default, any cmdlets that change the rule set will immediately activate the change. However, you can pass the NoActivate parameter to the cmdlet to delay activation until Switch-ActiveDeployRuleSet is called on the working rule set.


[-Active ]
[-Working ]


Required Parameter Name Type Position Features Description
optional Active SwitchParameter named
Retrieve the active rule set.
optional Working SwitchParameter named
Retrieve the working rule set.



Example 1

C:\PS&#62 Get-DeployRuleSet

Get the active deploy rule set.

Example 2

C:\PS&#62 Get-DeployRuleSet -working

Get the working deploy rule set.

Related Commands


Adds one or more rules to the rule set.

Clones an existing rule.

Gets a DeployRule object.

Creates a new rule.

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Updates an existing rule.


Gets the current working rule set or the current active rule set.

Sets the list of rules in the working rule set.


Remediate any non-compliant associations discovered by Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance

Checks whether hosts are compliant with rules.