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ESX Category

Cmdlets are usually implemented around resource operations. The four basic operations are CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE. This set of operations is known as CRUD. Most of the cmdlets support CRUD which are respectively cmdlets that start with the New/Get/Set/Remove cmdlet verbs but they also may have additional operations

Step 1: Retrieve a object by running a Get command

You can READ objects by using Get-EsxImageProfile cmdlet. See example below:

# Display all image profiles from depots and all image profiles the user created during this PowerCLI session:


Step 2 : Run commands from the CRUD group

You can CREATE objects by using New-EsxImageProfile cmdlet. See example below:

# Clone an image profile, give it a new name, and change the acceptance level. (NOTE: The '\' is used to continue the second line of input; either press ENTER after \ or enter everything on one line without the '\').

New-EsxImageProfile -CloneProfile "ESX-5.0-234567-standard" \ -Name "My custom profile" -AcceptanceLevel CommunitySupported
You can UPDATE objects by using Set-ESXImageProfileAssociation cmdlet. See example below:

# Associate the "MyImage" image profile with the hosts named "h1" and "h2".

C:\PS&#62 Set-ESXImageProfileAssociation "MyImage" "h1","h2"
You can REMOVE objects by using Remove-EsxImageProfile cmdlet. See example below:

# Remove image profile "My custom profile".

Remove-EsxImageProfile -ImageProfile "My custom profile"

Step 3: Explore More Related Commands:

Get-EsxCli This cmdlet exposes the ESXCLI functionality.
Get-EsxTop This cmdlet exposes the esxtop functionality.