Automate & Manage

VMware PowerCLI

PowerCLI is the tool millions of customers around the world use to manage and automate their VMware environments. Discover what you can achieve with PowerCLI today.

Whats Possible

    Connect to any Environement

    VMware PowerCLI consists of multiple modules that you can install and use according to your needs and environments. Usually modules correspond to a VMware product.

    Deploy, Automate & Scale

    PowerCLI enables you to provision resources, storage, memory, networking stack, datastores & clusters.

    Monitor & Manage your Environment

    PowerCLI enables you to get easy access to your inventory to get a sense of your environment, monitor and manage it efficiently.

# To install PowerCLI just open a PowerShell console and run the command below:

Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI

VMware PowerCLI CMDLET References by Product

VMware vSphere and vSAN

Provides cmdlets for automated administration of the vSphere environment.

VMware Cloud Director

Provides cmdlets for automating vCloud Director features.

vRealize Operations Manager

Provides cmdlets for automating vRealize Operations Manager features.

VMware Cloud Services

Provides cmdlets for managing VMware Cloud Services.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Provides cmdlets for managing VMware Cloud on AWS features.

VMware HCX

Provides cmdlets for managing VMware HCX features.

VMware Horizon

Provides cmdlets for automating VMware Horizon features.

VMware NSX-T Data Center

Provides cmdlets for managing NSX-T servers.

VMware Site Recovery Manager

Provides cmdlets for managing VMware Site Recovery Manager features.