VMware Cloud Director API - VMWProviderVdc

VMware Cloud Director API - VMWProviderVdc


Extension representation of provider vDC type.
Media type(s):
XML Representation:
<VMWProviderVdc xmlns="http://www.vmware.com/vcloud/extension/v1.5" xmlns:vcloud_v1.5="http://www.vmware.com/vcloud/v1.5" href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string" id="xs:string" operationKey="xs:string"
        name="xs:string" status="xs:int">
    <vcloud_v1.5:Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
            rel="xs:string" model="xs:string"/>
    <Description> xs:string </Description>
        <vcloud_v1.5:Task href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string" id="xs:string" operationKey="xs:string"
                name="xs:string" status="xs:string" operation="xs:string" operationName="xs:string"
                serviceNamespace="xs:string" startTime="xs:dateTime" endTime="xs:dateTime" expiryTime="xs:dateTime"
            <vcloud_v1.5:Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
                    rel="xs:string" model="xs:string"/>
            <Description> xs:string </Description>
            <vcloud_v1.5:Tasks> vcloud_v1.5:TasksInProgressType </vcloud_v1.5:Tasks>
            <vcloud_v1.5:Owner href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:Error stackTrace="xs:string" message="xs:string" majorErrorCode="xs:int" minorErrorCode="xs:string"
                <vcloud_v1.5:TenantError message="xs:string" majorErrorCode="xs:int" minorErrorCode="xs:string" vendorSpecificErrorCode="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:User href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:Organization href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Progress> xs:int </Progress>
            <Params> ... </Params>
            <Details> xs:string </Details>
                <vcloud_v1.5:VcTask name="xs:string" moref="xs:string" status="xs:string" description="xs:string"
                        errorMessage="xs:string" objectName="xs:string" objectType="xs:string" objectMoref="xs:string"
                        virtualCenterID="xs:string" startTime="xs:dateTime" endTime="xs:dateTime"/>
                <ResultContent> ... </ResultContent>
                <vcloud_v1.5:ResultReference href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Units> xs:string </Units>
            <Allocation> xs:long </Allocation>
            <Reserved> xs:long </Reserved>
            <Total> xs:long </Total>
            <Used> xs:long </Used>
            <Overhead> xs:long </Overhead>
            <Units> xs:string </Units>
            <Allocation> xs:long </Allocation>
            <Reserved> xs:long </Reserved>
            <Total> xs:long </Total>
            <Used> xs:long </Used>
            <Overhead> xs:long </Overhead>
        <IsElastic> xs:boolean </IsElastic>
        <IsHA> xs:boolean </IsHA>
        <vcloud_v1.5:Network href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
        <vcloud_v1.5:ProviderVdcStorageProfile href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:SupportedHardwareVersion name="xs:string" href="xs:anyURI" default="xs:boolean" type="xs:string"/>
        <vcloud_v1.5:Vdc href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <IsEnabled> xs:boolean </IsEnabled>
        <vcloud_v1.5:NetworkPoolReference href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:VimServerRef href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <MoRef> xs:string </MoRef>
            <VimObjectType> xs:string </VimObjectType>
            <vcloud_v1.5:VimServerRef href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <MoRef> xs:string </MoRef>
            <VimObjectType> xs:string </VimObjectType>
    <vcloud_v1.5:VimServer href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <vcloud_v1.5:NsxTManagerReference href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <HostReferences href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string">
        <vcloud_v1.5:Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
                rel="xs:string" model="xs:string"/>
        <vcloud_v1.5:HostReference href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <HighestSupportedHardwareVersion> xs:string </HighestSupportedHardwareVersion>
    <vcloud_v1.5:AvailableUniversalNetworkPool href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <ComputeProviderScope> xs:string </ComputeProviderScope>


Attribute Type Required Modifiable Since Deprecated Description
href anyURI No always 1.0 The URI of the entity.
type string No always 1.0 The MIME type of the entity.
id string No none 1.0 The entity identifier, expressed in URN format. The value of this attribute uniquely identifies the entity, persists for the life of the entity, and is never reused.
operationKey string No create 5.1 Optional unique identifier to support idempotent semantics for create and delete operations.
name string Yes always 1.0 The name of the entity.
status int No none 1.0 Creation status of the provider VDC. One of:
-1 (creation failed)
0 (not ready)
1 (ready)
2 (unknown)
3 (unrecognized)


Element Type Required Modifiable Since Deprecated Description
AvailableNetworks AvailableNetworksType No none 1.0 Read-only list of available networks.
AvailableUniversalNetworkPool ReferenceType No none 32.0 Selectable universal network reference.
Capabilities CapabilitiesType No none 1.0 Read-only list of virtual hardware versions supported by this Provider vDC.
ComputeCapacity RootComputeCapacityType No none 1.0 Read-only indicator of CPU and memory capacity.
ComputeProviderScope string No always 35.0 The compute provider scope represents the compute fault domain for this provider vDC. This value is a tenant-facing tag that is shown to tenants when viewing fault domains of the child Organization vDCs (for ex. a VDC Group).
DataStoreRefs VimObjectRefsType Yes always 0.9 vSphere datastores backing this provider vDC.
Description string No always 1.0 Optional description.
HighestSupportedHardwareVersion string No always 1.0 The highest virtual hardware version supported by this Provider vDC. If empty or omitted on creation, the system sets it to the highest virtual hardware version suported by all hosts in the primary resource pool. You can modify it when you add more resource pools.
HostReferences VMWHostReferencesType No none 1.0 Shows all hosts which are connected to VC server.
IsEnabled boolean No always 1.0 True if this Provider vDC is enabled and can provide resources to organization vDCs. A Provider vDC is always enabled on creation.
Link LinkType No none 1.0 A reference to an entity or operation associated with this object.
NetworkPoolReferences NetworkPoolReferencesType No none 1.0 Read-only list of network pools used by this Provider vDC.
NsxTManagerReference ReferenceType No none 31.0 An optional reference to a registered NSX-T Manager to back networking operations for this provider vDC.
ResourcePoolRefs VimObjectRefsType Yes always 1.5 Resource pools backing this provider vDC. On create, you must specify a resource pool that is not used by (and is not the child of a resource pool used by) any other provider vDC. On modify, this element is required for schema validation, but its contents cannot be changed.
StorageProfiles ProviderVdcStorageProfilesType No none 5.1 Container for references to vSphere storage profiles available to this Provider vDC.
Tasks TasksInProgressType No none 1.0 A list of queued, running, or recently completed tasks associated with this entity.
VCloudExtension VCloudExtensionType No always 1.0 An optional extension element that can contain an arbitrary number of elements and attributes. Not related to extension services.
Vdcs VdcsType No 1.0 Read-only list of organization vDCs backed by this Provider vDC.
VimServer ReferenceType No always 0.9 The vCenter server that provides the resource pools and datastores. A valid reference is required on create. On modify, this element is required for schema validation, but its contents cannot be changed.


CRUD Operation Description Since Deprecated
create POST /admin/extension/providervdcsparams Create a provider vDC. 5.1
read GET /admin/extension/providervdc/{id} Retrieve a system administrator view of a provider vDC. 0.9
update PUT /admin/extension/providervdc/{id} Update a provider vDC. 0.9
delete DELETE /admin/extension/providervdc/{id} Delete a provider vDC. 0.9
action POST /admin/extension/providervdc/{id}/action/disable Disable a provider vDC. 0.9
action POST /admin/extension/providervdc/{id}/action/enable Enable a provider vDC. 0.9