Lcm APIs

Lcm APIs

The vcenter lcm package provides services for managing the vCenter Server lifecycle.

API Categories

The Report service provides an operation to download the report generated by the interop and precheck operations. To download a report, you must use the Reports.get operation. A Report.Location structure represents the location of the file which has Report.Token structure which represents the token ID (@name String) and the expiration time of the token Report.Token.expiry DateTime. Report.Location structure also has the URI for the file which needs to be downloaded.


The AssociatedProducts service provides options to list, add, modify, and delete VMware products associated with vCenter Server. Some products can be auto-detected by the system while others can be added manually.


The InteropReport interface provides operations to report the interoperability between a vCenter Server release version and the other installed VMware products registered in the vCenter Server instance.


The ProductCatalog service provides information which VMware products can be associated with vCenter Server.


The Pending service provides operation for listing pending minor or major updates of vCenter Server.


The PrecheckReport service generates precheck report for a vCenter Server instance against a target update version.