Authorization APIs

Authorization APIs

The vcenter authorization package provides services for managing authorization.

API Categories

The PrivilegeChecks service provides operations for retrieving permission privilege checks recorded by VPXD. The privilege checks are recorded as VPXD makes them. The latest recorded privilege check can be retrieved by a call to vcenter authorization privilege_checks Latest get This allows for querying of all privilege checks before or after that moment. For example, if an administrator wants to record the privilege checks made by a given UI workflow, they can do the following. 1. Retrieve the latest privilege check and store it. 2. Go through the UI workflow. 3. Retrieve the latest privilege check and store it. 4. Invoke com.vmware.vcenter.authorization.PrivilegeChecks.list with the values from steps 1) and 3) along with any additional filters.


The LatestPrivilegeChecks service provides operations for getting the latest recorded privilege check.