Content APIs

Content APIs

The Content package provides structures and services for configuring global settings and permissions, and for managing libraries in the Content Library Service.

API Categories

The Configuration service provides operations to configure the global settings of the Content Library Service. The configuration settings are used by the Content Library Service to control the behavior of various operations.


The Content Library package provides structures and services for defining and managing the library's items, subscription, publication, and storage.


The LocalLibrary service manages local libraries. The LocalLibrary service provides support for creating and maintaining local library instances. A local library may also use the Library service to manage general library functionality.


The SecurityPolicies service provides operations to manage security policies. A policy can be applied to a content library.


The TrustedCertificates service provides operations to create, modify, delete and read trusted certificates.


The Type service exposes the ItemModel types that this Content Library Service supports. A library item has an optional type which can be specified with the ItemModel.type field. For items with a type that is supported by a plugin, the Content Library Service may understand the files which are part of the library item and can produce metadata for the item.

In other cases, uploads may require a process in which one upload implies subsequent uploads. For example, an Open Virtualization Format (OVF) package is composed of an OVF descriptor file and the associated virtual disk files. Uploading an OVF descriptor can enable the Content Library Service to understand that the complete OVF package requires additional disk files, and it can set up the transfers for the disks automatically by adding the file entries for the disks when the OVF descriptor is uploaded.

When a type is not supported by a plugin, or the type is not specified, the Content Library Service can handle a library item in a default way, without adding metadata to the item or guiding the upload process.