Telco Cloud Automation APIs

Welcome to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation API Documentation.

VMware Telco Cloud Automation (TCA) provides a rich set of APIs to manage the TCA Manager, the Control Plane, and the Orchestrations of VNFs and CNFs.

For documentation on the TCA product, please follow:

APIs Overview

The APIs are broadly categorized as:

API Categories API Segments
CaaS and Iaas Management

CaaS Hub API
K8S Policy Api for CNFs
Telco Cloud Automation Events API.
Telco Cloud Automation Addon API.
Telco Cloud Automation Cluster Automation API.
Telco Cloud Automation Cluster Deployment API.
Telco Cloud Automation Cluster HostConfig API.
Telco Cloud Automation Cluster Template API.
Telco Cloud Automation Generic CR API.
Telco Cloud Automation Node Customisation Setting Api.
TCA Extension and Partner Management Telco Cloud Automation Partner Systems API
Network Function Virtualization

SOL003 - VNF Fault Management interface
SOL003 - VNF Performance Management interface
SOL003 - VNF Lifecycle Management interface
SOL003 - VNF Package Management interface
SOL005 - NS Fault Management Interface
SOL005 - NS Lifecycle Management Interface
SOL005 - NSD Management Interface
SOL005 - VNF Package Management Interface
Telco Cloud Automation Inventory API.
Telco Cloud Automation Tag Management API.
Telco Cloud Automation Virtual Infrastructure Management API
Workflow API
Role Based Access Magement Rbac Authorization Permissions APIs.
Rbac Authorization Privileges APIs.
Rbac Authorization Roles APIs.
Rbac Authorization Roles APIs.
Rbac Authorization Supported Object Filters APIs.
Token API for NF REST remote access
Token API for TCA operability access
Token API for VIM REST based remote access.
Token API for VIM SSH based remote access.
Token API for network function SSH based remote access.
Token API for network function pod debugging via SSH based remote access.
TCA System and Appliance Management TCA Manager Appliance Management APIs
Resource sharing API
TCA Control Plane Appliance Management APIs
TCA Licensing Alarms APIs.
TCA Licensing Capabilities APIs.
TCA Licensing Consumption APIs.
Telco Cloud Automation Compute Profile API.
Telco Cloud Automation Diagnosis API.
Telco Cloud Automation IDP Management API.
Telco Cloud Automation Multitenancy API.
Telco Cloud Automation Summary API.
Telco Cloud Automation Troubleshooting API
TCA Workflow Hub Automation Automation Service
Security Service
Workflows Service
Zero Touch Provisioning Telco Cloud Foundation Manager API

Within each classification, you will find the set of Versioned APIs for the given API Segment. You may use the left navigation pane to go to the specific API Segment.

API Swaggers Download

The Open API specs (swaggers) may be downloaded from the TCA Manager, once the user logs in, under: https://TCA-Manager-FQDN/hybridity/docs/

Consuming the APIs

One may consume the TCA APIs either a REST client directly (i.e. Postman), or using the TCA SDK.

Using REST Client

Using a REST Client (i.e. Postman), the user has to heavylift fetching and managing the TCA session tokens (based on the user credentials or LDAP). A session token thus obtained, may be used as Bearer’s token, while making subsequent REST APIs calls.


The SDK hides the complexities of fetching and managing TCA session token in order to invoke the APIs in a programmer-friendly way. The SDK and the User Guide may be found at: