Cric R1 APIs

Getting Started with VMware Centralized RIC R1 APIs

The VMware Centralized RIC (CRIC) R1 APIs are a pre-standard implementation of interfaces being defined by the O-RAN Alliance for enabling rApps in a Non Real-Time RIC. These APIs are early release, and will be subject to regular changes until the CRIC platform is generally available.

The APIs described are those exposed by the various services presenting the R1 interface as well as sample rApps.

When an rApp is onboarded into the CRIC environment its first action is to make a GET request of the Bootstrapper Service, at a default URL, to locate the Service Registry on the Data Management Service, which may be at any URL and will be versioned:

$ curl -s -X GET http://bootstrapper:8080/ |jq
  "services": {
    "service": {
      "href": "http://registry:8080/v0"

The Service Registry is then used

  • to register the rApp with the system
  • to allow the rApp to look up other services it needs, notably the producer and consumer services provided by the Data Management Service

Authentication and Authorization

At this time the implementation is in a pre-alpha state. There is no support for authentication nor authorization. Robust functionality will be added in the future. R1 services and rApps run within a Kubernetes cluster and are not, by default, exposed to external networks.

Data Management Service

The Data Management Service (DMS) presents the serviceconsumer and producer services, used by rApps that are one or both of Producer or Consumer. DMS maintains the list of all registered services and data-types that are currently available in the platform. Producer rApps must register data-type(s) that they produce. Similarly, consumer rApps must register job(s) indicating the data-type(s) they consume. The DMS matches consumer job requests with a producer of the same data-type and facilitates the data transactions between the matched consumer and producer.

PM Counter History

PM Counter History is a Producer rApp provided as a default platform service which produces historical Performance Monitoring counters. It provides the PM History data to rApps after they submit job requests for the PM History data-type to DMS. Access to PM History is through a callback URL that is provided by DMS as part of the result of the job request.

Configuration Management Interface

The Configuration Management Interface (CMI) Service is a Producer rApp provided as a default platform service which is accessed by interacting with the DMS. The CMI handles all the Configuration Management (CM) related read and write operations. An rAPP can directly interact with the CMI to carryout the direct read and write operations on a CM parameter. However, it is recommended to do the write operation through the DMS as it provides support for multi-set.