PM Counter History

PM Counter History

The pmhistory service is a platform rApp that provides queryable access to historical PM counter data. It is a data-producer, producing the data-type "pmhistory".

The PM History service provides a pre-release API that is expected to change as O-RAN Alliance standards mature.

Consumer rApps use R1 data management to create jobs that are delivered to this service. When results are available, R1 data management notifies consumers with the URI at which to retrieve the results.

The service presents an API used by R1 data management to register and check the status of jobs and by rApps to retrieve results. There is also a testing endpoint, /pmhistory, that allows direct querying of PM counter data.

Note: The notification style of data management is but one of several ways of interacting with data producers and services in the pre-standard RIC environment. It is used here as it demonstrates the widest extent of capabilities.