Open Virtualization Format (OVF) Tool


VMware OVF Tool is a command-line utility that allows you to import and export OVF packages to and from many VMware products.

OVF is based on a DMTF specification. Background and details here: Open Virtualization Format.


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Name Version Size MD5
Linux 32 8.0 39.71 MB 85c4ea6e8412640c31fe99c97e595af5
Linux 64 8.0 40.84 MB 0d960a60cb0e3907e32b1b0b0a428cd6
Mac OS 8.0 19.55 MB b89ce4861e101fa752a09a78831786b0
Mac OS 19.55 MB b89ce4861e101fa752a09a78831786b0
OVF Tool Zip archive for Linux 32-bit 78a79497e09aed2f00068ada8141cbcc
OVF Tool Zip archive for Linux 64-bit 7f385e0840f4bb87c544ba57469750d1
OVF Tool Zip archive for MacOS 64-bit 9143757fdeeee1de788c8ee3abedd105
OVF Tool Zip archive for Windows 32-bit bf240345738003c27685a9fe3c30cecc
OVF Tool Zip archive for Windows 64-bit f1f2061c749aebba42b1f399600fa337
Windows 32 8.0 24.74 MB c0994707304f7e95558f405dc03b6834
Windows 64 8.0 26.27 MB 590fa6ea3bcfed781243ed975185188d

Documentation and Reference

Name Size
Development Guide
VMware OVF Tool User Guide
Release Notes
VMware OVF Tool 4.5.0 Release Notes