Open Virtualization Format (OVF) Tool


VMware OVF Tool is a command-line utility that allows you to import and export OVF packages to and from many VMware products.


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Name Version Size MD5
ARM 64 19.96 MB d5d7ec6b835583c118bcb246ab1eb3e1
ARM 64 19.98 MB 1b1aa15973fc566842cc8389f2fc088e
ARM 64 4.4.0Patch1 19.97 MB 04e035563a8224ee961801dcd1fd25e6
Linux 32 37.59 MB 9be031dd5b78ebd0830696c20034b3dc
Linux 32 37.57 MB 413f16da9a34f3c1704312ac45114952
Linux 32 4.4.0Patch1 37.58 MB 229c4fec04e03aa4321f2b48dfc037e3
Linux 32 4.4.3 39.59 MB 223376e6067e5c52570302d975fe154f
Linux 32 37.58 MB 229c4fec04e03aa4321f2b48dfc037e3
Linux 64 38.57 MB 00cdec1f37600b933c20fe6506da9a3e
Linux 64 38.59 MB 28439f41c494302940ece7ef65382fa6
Linux 64 4.4.0Patch1 38.58 MB 34a45169624ee138c046bf980f847eec
Linux 64 4.4.3 40.71 MB 43493035a4d43d3306fdb7c6ee61df29
Linux 64 40.71 MB 43493035a4d43d3306fdb7c6ee61df29
Mac OS 19.88 MB fc37a1b4b32c4241b7aa34dbfcf39fe3
Mac OS 19.86 MB 166aa212d8a153964086a74dfa348463
Mac OS 4.4.0Patch1 19.85 MB 35e093d6aa37dc8d5fcb9f6cc8b01703
Mac OS 4.4.3 19.41 MB 18bfc6228647d0cc5e2f2d32d5d8e1ee
OVF Tool Zip archive for Linux 32-bit c92d97ed91ccefe0ef85cbb66a9f9bf0
OVF Tool Zip archive for Linux 64-bit 7573d4e7f2b3da87e238af14ea9340a4
OVF Tool Zip archive for Windows 32-bit 9568af03d07e5a20d010efc4383f9629
OVF Tool Zip archive for Windows 64-bit 1f8a33d9f74e3df9ac0918e701406434
Windows 32 24.73 MB 948c15dfb15f2843bf53a6a0f6084175
Windows 32 4.4.0 24.59 MB b6249137780e236ac3ef2b129ac4fa4d
Windows 32 4.4.0Patch1 24.73 MB 8573fb05460b5d04574493e7d1a1abea
Windows 32 4.4.3 24.66 MB d3d514c29b621cfa113509ce3d04b204
Windows 64 27.32 MB 553b4edf633ba16c5cf42324f5cad65d
Windows 64 27.46 MB 6ba6ed0abf106a6c98a3cc0452452f81
Windows 64 4.4.0Patch1 27.46 MB 79cdd47bb60fda08ed921ee91176ed39
Windows 64 4.4.3 26.22 MB 74320a4eb35e621513b247c6c0002e03