Bootstrap Service

Bootstrap Service

The VMware Centralized RIC bootstrapping service provides a single versionless and unauthenticated entry point to discover the R1 service registry. It is the only endpoint a service needs to know in advance to gain access to services. By default a request is made to http://bootstrapper:8080/ to learn of the service endpoint.

The bootstrapping service provides a pre-release API that is likely to change as O-RAN Alliance standards mature.

The response is formatted to allow for future expansion.

At startup, an rApp or R1 service should make a GET request to the bootstrapping service to find the Service Registry and register with it.

GET http://bootstrapper:8080/

  "services": {
    "service": {
      "href": "http://dms:8088/dms/service/v0alpha1"
    "apiInvoker": {
      "href": "http://dms:8088/dms/api-invoker-management/v1"
    "allServiceAPIs": {
      "href": "http://dms:8088/dms/service-apis/v1"


The apiInvoker and allServiceAPIs endpoints are used by those rApps following the experimental SME workflow, based on 3GPP CAPIF. If you do not already know what this is then it is unlikely you are following this workflow.