The ESXCLI tool allows for remote management of ESXi hosts by using the ESXCLI command set.
ESXCLI was previously part of the vSphere CLI and is now provided as a separate package.

Note: ESXCLI 8.0 is compatible with ESXCLI commands included in ESXi 6.7.x, ESXi 7.0.x and ESXi 8.0.x.
The available command set depends on the version of the ESXi host and is described in the reference documentation of each version.



This new version of esxcli is distributed as a compressed Python package that can be installed directly with "pip install".

   $ pip install esxcli-*.tgz




By downloading, installing or using the software you agree to be bound by the terms of Broadcom's Software Development Kit License Agreement unless there is a different license provided in or specifically referenced by dowloaded file or package. If you disagree with any terms of the agreement then do not use the software.

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