vSphere Guest SDK

The Guest SDK includes components for different use cases of managing guest operating systems in virtual machines.

  • The Guest API provides C/C++ language functions to monitor virtual machine statistics. Management agents running in a virtual machine's guest OS can use this data and react to changes in the application layer.
  • The guest statistics fetch facility returns detailed data in several structured formats about virtual machines running on an ESXi host.
  • New in vSphere 8.0, the DataSets API can manipulate VM-related key-value entries using vSphere Automation from vCenter Server, or with VM Tools inside a guest OS.
  • The vSphere High Availability (HA) feature for ESXi hosts in a cluster provides protection for a guest OS and applications running in a virtual machine by restarting the virtual machine if a failure occurs.

The tarball SDK download is for Linux, while the Zip download is for Windows.

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vSphere Guest SDK 12.1 8.0 1.29 MB 9c1491cd206f8a13307e4539dee245a4
vSphere Guest SDK 12.1 8.0 745.42 KB ba50dd75c3af519dde3a83a548932c09
vSphere Guest SDK 12.3.0 12.3.0 1.32 MB abd6cddc3646fe4ddec2244a00613023
vSphere Guest SDK 12.3.0 12.3.0 746.60 KB 2736771cb4395908e734eba4accf84db
vSphere Guest SDK for Linux 1.27 MB 866ec0d64a4e708933acc0b4dddff388

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