vSphere Client SDK


The VMware vSphere Client SDK 8.0 provides tools, libraries, sample plug-ins, and documentation to help you build user interface vSphere Client extensions for vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Deprecation of Local Plug-ins

In vSphere 8.0, VMware deprecated local plug-ins, as previously announced. Local plug-in support ends in the next major vSphere release.

Important: Partners should migrate all local plug-ins to the remote plug-in architecture as soon as possible. For help with this, use the SDK migration tools for plug-in manifest conversion and JavaScript API migration.

Local plug-ins remain functional in vSphere 8.0, but they must be upgraded for compatibility with two vSphere security enhancements: local plug-ins must become FIPS-compliant and must isolate their 3rd-party libraries.

Getting Started

 1. Go through the Remote plug-in programming guide, which contains quick-start tips, architecture overview, development guidelines, and best practices.

 2. Get to know the manifest format and the JavaScript API for remote plug-ins.

 3. Check the Release Notes and SDK blog posts.

 4. Download the SDK, build your plug-in and test it against all vCenter Server versions it supports.

 5. Certify your plug-in with the vSphere Client Plugin Certification program.

Any questions? Reach out via Developer Center Partner Network, or the Forum.


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Name Version Size MD5
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vSphere Client SDK 8.0U1 8.0U1 187.56 MB 8015b0671f104fbcb80329e142c5ea0a
vSphere Client SDK 8.0U2 8.0U2 184.02 MB 38cac6a7d67e5746d88004e7142a41a5
vSphere Client SDK 8.0U3 8.0U3 176.62 MB f315fc423a1d26c904fb962d7c0d463b

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