vSphere Automation SDK for Perl [Deprecated]



The vSphere Automation SDK for Perl enables programmatic access to vSphere. It includes Perl libraries for accessing features available via the vSphere REST API including Virtual Machine management, vCenter Appliance management, Content Library and Tagging. The SDK contains samples for the features mentioned above including how to interoperate with vSphere APIs. For more information on the vSphere Web Services API samples, please refer to the vSphere Management SDK.

Please note, the vSphere Automation SDK for Perl is now available as an Open Source SDK and can be contributed to or downloaded from Github here.

Deprecation Notice:

VMware has announced deprecation of vSphere Automation SDK for Perl and vSphere Automation SDK for .NET, effective August 25th, 2020. We highly recommend all our customers and partners to migrate from these SDKs to either vSphere Automation SDK for Python or vSphere Automation SDK for Java. Please refer here for more information.

Cookie based Authentication Deprecation

Starting with vSphere 7.0, cookie-based authentication for vSphere APIs is being deprecated as it contains security issues. Please refer here for more information.

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