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The SecOps Compliance Custom Content SDK tool is referred to as secops_sdk.

You can copy the SDK into any directory for creating custom content.

# Grant permission to access the SDK file chmod 755 <sdk file name># View built-in help info./secops_sdk -h# Initializing the directory structure./secops_sdk init

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The following will be generated in the current directory byinit:

  • README.md: More information about the SDK and how to use it.
  • benchmarks: Contains custom benchmark meta (.meta) files.
  • salt/locke/custom: Contains custom check state (.sls) and meta (.meta) files.
  • sample_tests: Example files you can use to test state files using docker.

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Name Version Size MD5
secops_sdk-amazon 11.46 MB 7713f67c4752e9c8770ec7e2c738239c
secops_sdk-centos7 10.91 MB bcb1e77e22df021bcad1f821eb27a2e9
secops_sdk-debian 12.09 MB 038e06be55d64e5ca34dfe2e0c0eb0d2
secops_sdk.exe 5.67 MB 7259122bb7d2e9eaa27ee172312f13fe
secops_sdk-oracle 10.92 MB f9f906a1920ca51f0b38a33b490b6a34
secops_sdk-osx 5.14 MB a5d2c1981efb2b9f4c2e6762d653d1f5
secops_sdk-ubuntu18.04 11.09 MB ff5f707cda03d896a67676ec8e96c54a