VMware Telco Cloud Automation - SDK

The TCA SDKs provide language bindings for accessing NFV Orchestration and Management APIs provided by the VMware Telco Cloud Automation, also known as TCA.

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Name Version Size MD5
Telco Cloud Automation - Python SDK 2.3 18.43 MB 1131d978f51e75961417520c32684aa9
VMware Telco Cloud Automation SDK - MD5 checksum 32.00 B 2419dd074b6e402def7df7bdc6d71f01
VMware Telco Cloud Automation SDK - SHA1 checksum 40.00 B 7bf0fe82a3ae6cc776f1b4d7233dccc7
VMware Telco Cloud Automation SDK - SHA256 checksum 64.00 B b2de30f6c36909ef8ac313ee4fbe0abc

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