VMware TCSA Data Collector Python - SDK

The VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance Collector SDK has been developed primarily for providing an interface to the user for writing their own custom collectors without having any dependency on developers.

The documentation sections describes how to write and test the Rest and Kafka custom collectors and the operations they can invoke.

The Programming guide also presents examples of python based custom collectors written using the SDK.

Version Compatibility List 

TCSA 2.4.0


By downloading, installing or using the software you agree to be bound by the terms of Broadcom's Software Development Kit License Agreement unless there is a different license provided in or specifically referenced by dowloaded file or package. If you disagree with any terms of the agreement then do not use the software.

Name Version Size MD5
collector-python-sdk.zip 2.4.0 3.16 MB 1083071ec8a7e17b4a8ddfca0133e80a
VMware Software Development Kit License Agreement June 2024.docx 2.4.0 22.84 KB b80fe4c0b55a0b7f6e1ead0b22c3d301

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