Zero Touch Provisioning APIs

Zero Touch Provisioning APIs


The goal of this feature is to provide an alternate option to activate VeloCloud edges. Existing activation workflow (“Pull activation”) involves multiple manual steps to activate an Edge (e.g. turn Edge on, connect to Edge’s Wi-Fi network, use activation link).

“Zero Touch Provisioning”/“Push Activation” allows customers to activate their Edges by simply connecting it to power supply and the Internet. This automates edge activation into a pure plug and play feature.


Firstly you need to sign up for this feature via POST /vcoInventory/pushActivationSignUp API call where sid is passed for enterprise, or prmId for partner. SID and PRM ID/Partner ID are assigned to customers and partners when they start their engagement with VMware.

After that:

  • Use POST /vcoInventory/getPendingInventory to get pending inventory from Maestro

  • Use POST /vcoInventory/associateEdges to associate this pending inventory with enterprise or partner


  • Use POST /vcoInventory/getInventoryItems to get all assigned edges

  • Use POST /vcoInventory/reassignInventoryItems to reassign them


  • Use POST /vcoInventory/associateExistingEdge to associate existing logical Edge with inventory Edge