vSphere Automation API

This is the vSphere REST API Reference. It provides API documentation, request/response samples, and usage description of the following vSphere services:

Getting Started with vSphere REST APIs in 5 Minutes

To get you started quickly let’s dive into the necessary steps to enable you to begin calling APIs.

Step 1 - Authenticate to the API Endpoint

The first setup is to create a session ID using the following API:


POST Create Session


Step 2 - Use the session ID in subsequent calls

On subsequent API calls you will need to include the session ID returned in the above call using an HTTP header as follows:

GET /rest/com/vmware/cis/tagging/category HTTP/1.1

vmware-api-session-id: b00db39f948d13ea1e59b4d6fce56389

For more details on the API sessions you can refer Common Infrastruture Services documentation.

Step 3 - Create your first Virtual Machine

You have been authenticated and have retrieved your API session ID. Now, you can create your first virtual machine using this API:


POST Create VM


Step 4 - Get details about your VM

Once your VM is created, you can get the details of your VM by passing VM identifier




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