NSX Intelligence And Application Platform APIs

Getting Started with the NSX Application Platform

This guide will help you get started using NSX Application Platform (NAPP) APIs as well as the APIs of features running on NAPP, such as NSX Intelligence.

Step 1 - Deploy the NSX Application Platform

This guide expects that the NSX Application Platform has already been deployed. If you do not have the NSX Application Platform deployed, see the Deploying and Managing the VMware NSX Application Platform guide for deployment details for NSX 4.0.x and later. Use version 3.2 of the guide for NSX-T Data Center 3.2.x deployments.

About the NSX Application Platform

The NSX Application Platform is a modern microservices platform that hosts several NSX features that collect, ingest, and correlate network traffic data. As network traffic data is produced, captured, and analyzed in your NSX-T environment, the NSX Application Platform provides the platform that can dynamically scale out based on the needs of your environment.

The platform can host the following NSX features that collect and analyze the data in your NSX-T environment.

  • VMware NSX® Intelligence™
  • VMware NSX® Network Detection and Response™
  • VMware NSX® Malware Prevention
  • VMware NSX® Metrics

This API guide will help you in using the NSX Application Platform APIs and the APIs of features that run on the platform, like NSX Intelligence.

About the NSX Intelligence and NSX Application Platform API Programming

The NSX Application Platform APIs are organized around REST (“Representational State Transfer”) operations for performing create, retrieve, update and delete operations on services running on the Application Platform. For ease of use and security, REST builds on the standard web protocols HTTP and HTTPS, using the normal network ports 80 and 443, which are both open in most data centers, and uses standard HTTP response codes and verbs.


Similar to the NSX-T Data Center APIs, basic authentication is used for all NSX Application Platform APIs and for the features running on the platform.

API Host

For access to the NSX Application Platform APIs, you will need to go through the NSX Manager. The API host that should be used when calling any of the resources in this guide should be the IP or FQDN of the NSX Manager.