Malware Prevention API

Malware Prevention API

Getting Started with NSX Malware Prevention APIs

This guide helps you to get started with using the NSX Malware Prevention APIs, which run on the NSX Application Platform (NAPP).


This guide assumes that the NSX Malware Prevention feature is already activated in your environment. For instructions on activating the feature, see Activate NSX Malware Prevention in the NSX Administration Guide.

API architectural style

The NSX Malware Prevention APIs are organized around REST (“Representational State Transfer”) operations for performing create, retrieve, update and delete. For ease of use and security, NSX Malware Prevention REST APIs are built on the HTTPS web protocol , which uses the network port 443. The REST APIs in this documentation use standard REST response codes and verbs.


Similar to the NSX APIs, basic authentication is used for all NSX Malware Prevention APIs. Enter your NSX Manager username and password for basic authentication while invoking the APIs.

API Host

The NSX Malware Prevention APIs are hosted on NSX Manager. To call these APIs, you must enter either the IP address or an FQDN or cluster VIP address of the NSX Manager in the API URLs.