Customer Connect APIs

Customer Connect APIs

Manage Licenses, users and their permissions for your Entitlement Accounts

Customer Connect APIs are in Beta phase currently and available to only certain set of users.

Getting Started with Customer Connect APIs in 5 minutes

To get you started quickly let’s dive into the necessary steps to enable you to begin calling APIs.

Step 1 - Obtain a Customer Connect API Key

Calling APIs requires an API Key. You’ll need to navigate to the Customer Connect portal and generate a new API Key (requires Customer Connect login) using API Management tab on My Profile page. Your API Key will be an alpha-numeric string and will be tagged to selected Entitlement Account. You can use API key to perform the operations on the same Entitlement Account only.

Step 2 - Exchanging your API Key for an Access Token

With your API Key, you’ll need to use the Token Generation API and generate an Access Token which is required to be passed as Authorization as part of each subsequent Customer Connect API request.

Important points to remember before using Customer Connect APIs -

  • Any changes done to licenses, users and permissions through APIs will be permanent. It may not be possible to revert those changes. Hence, APIs must be used with caution.
  • For the security reasons and to avoid unauthorized access, Generated API Key must be kept secret and must not be shared.